Ogden Point Breakwater

The Ogden Point Breakwater is a narrow, unusual and spectacular walkway jutting out about 800 meters from the shore, with a lighthouse at the far end. The return trip is almost exactly a mile – 1.6 kilometers.

There is an attractive and highly informative interpretive exhibit on shore, where you’ll learn lots about the construction and history of the breakwater, as well as richly diverse marine ecology.

On the walk itself, sitings of seals, jellyfish, starfish and other life forms – including human divers – are common. (But do be careful looking over at the edges; it’s a steep drop and there are no railings.)

Getting there: The breakwater is not far from the Inner Harbout and Downtown Victoria. To get there from where you are, go to Google Maps for walking, driving or public transportation directions to Ogden Point Cafe, 199 Dallas Road.

The Ogden Point Breakwater is the first of a series of splendid shoreline walks along Dallas Road. More later.